Attn USA Storm All Stars Dancers:   Attention Dancers!   Music and Practice Videos for our Sunday November 17th practice for  [Jets 11/24 Halftime Routine] have been up on the website for 3 weeks now and we hope you have been practicing. This is an extended practice however if you show up prepared we will be able to end early by 12:30 pm.
Practice: Sunday November 17th  Sheraton Hotel 9:00 am start. 
GAME DAY PHONE NUMBER   732-864-7049.  
Attn Parents: " We will have your ordered Jets Game tickets for you at this practice. If you are not on auto pay you need to make your November payment this Sunday!" If someone else is picking up your tickets or you ordered as a group under another dancers name, please call in your payment to our office Prior to 6pm on Friday. Your Game Day instructions will be posted by Thursday 11/20/19. See you at practice this Sunday!

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