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The USA Storm All Stars is for dancers and cheerleaders from ages 7 to 18. There are two groups divided by age. The Jr. Preps are ages 7 to 11 and the Jr. Pros are ages 12 to 18.  There is no stunting or tumbling as we are a DANCE TEAM.  There is NO fund raising.

The USA Storm All Stars is owned and operated by Statewide Promotions, LLC who has represented, for many years, pro and youth dance programs to the NFL, NBA, AFL, MLB and collegiate franchises. 

The USA Storm All Stars are provided the opportunity to learn pro level choreography to the latest music and routines taught by the icons in the sports, dance and music industry. They learn and perform four to five routines every year and they are provided a pro level uniform that is included as part of their program. They then perform for thousands of fans at various locations. They represent the Tri-State area performing half time shows at various locations in NY, NJ and PA.  THIS IS AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!!

The USA Storm All Stars program is not only a tremendous experience that will provide memories for a lifetime, but the benefits of the program will last for years to come. The program provides dancers with self-confidence, and a solid foundation of team work, personal achievement and pride. These are all the tools that most of the participants will use to be successful in their future endeavors.  Dancers will receive a discounted ticket to each of their half-time performances and will be seated with their families.


Statewide Promotions, LLC will process all dancers and parents ticket orders.


Statewide Promotions, LLC will provide safe and a secure practice and game day security.     

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